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The Ceméa have proposed an action upstream of the International Film Festival of Education. The cinema workshop will propose these young people, from associative structures and schools to express themselves through a film, on the concerns of teenage life and on their perception of social issues.

In order for these young people, in large number, to really appropriate a subject and contri- bute to reflections, the Ceméa seeks a style of animation that breaks with short interventions, shocks, and descendants, where the dramatic effects of the topics can be addressed and take precedence on their understanding. The Film Workshop’s approach is a 4-day stay, in an en- vironment that facilitates audio-visual creation, and a meeting with film professionals. These speakers will accompany young people in the cinematographic, to writing and in realization of their projects of fiction (games of reading of image, film analysis, writing of a synopsis and sto- ry-board, shooting, editing...). Documentary resources on themes and subjects to be translated into scenarios and images are available to the teams to feed projects on the following themes: addiction, social networks, and disinformation.

Six short films were made during two Film Workshop visits, and will be presented by the young people at this Youth Productions Forum. Other audiovisual productions produced in an educa- tional context will also be screened by young people.
See the Cinema Workshop, 2017 edition : https://jeunes-medias-citoyens.cemea.asso.fr/2018/09/latelier-du-cinema/