Each year for the past 16 years, the International Education Film Festival, which is organised over a five-day period in Evreux (Normandy) proposes a wide selection of short, medium-length and full-length feature films, whether fictional, animated or documentary.

"Education" films ?

The selected movies and their directors tackle major topics such as Education, Childhood and Youth, cultural and intergenerational transmission, and the fight against all types of discrimination, in the form of stories and experiences involving children, young people and grown-ups. These fiction, animated films and documentaries, no matter their format, are aimed at a wide audience made up of parents, educators, association managers, politicians or local communities, as well as any other citizen. The Festival also offers the possibility for young people to get involved in a great range of educational and cultural situations through the discovery and construction of images and stories. Several round-table panels and debates are organised during the Festival, involving movie directors and members of the audience. These provide a significant arena for discussion and the confrontation of different viewpoints. The Festival is thus a cultural space enabling the establishment of bonds between all the citizens concerned, as well as a space of invention open to all education players. It is also a space for "popular education", articulating the act of "watching" films with that of "talking" about them on the part of key specialists and participants, allowing a relentless discussion of  Educational issues. The Festival favours the transmission of a living heritage made up of great European and international works, whether in Normandy, Metropolitan France and its overseas territories, in Europe and beyond, thanks to the "Festival Echoes" which consist in decentralised editions of the Festival, happening throughout the following year.