The Education Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to raise educational issues in France and around the world. Would your film be a "coming of age movie" ? or question a transmission issue, a learning one, an education one ? the fact of growing up? We would happily watch it. Here follows our acquisition criteria :

- short and middle length films (1 to 64 min, drama, animation or documentary) finished after 2021, January 1st.

- long-feature movies (65 to 130 min, drama, animation or documentary) not to be theatrically released in France before November, 29st, 2022.

Festival Rules and Regulations

Full, Short and Medium-length documentaries can be submitted on DocFilmDepot until May 31st, 2022.

Doc Film Depot

Short- and Medium-Length Dramas and Animation Films can be submitted on FilmFest Platform until May 31st, 2022.

Film Fest Platform

European Shorts can be submitted on Short Film Depot until May 31, 2022.

Short Film Depot

Please note that our selection committee will happily watch vimeo, youtube, etc. links but do not accept transfer links.

Finally, please know that we do not accept movies written and/or directed by children or teenagers.
Your questions or other films may be addressed directly to our team :

Louise Bourtourault, chargée de la Programmation Courts et Moyens métrages : louise.bourtourault (à)

Jacques Pelissier, programmateur Longs métrages : jacques (à)

Pierre Navarro, programmateur Jeune Public : pierre.navarro (à)

Kind Regards !