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Human beings and Planet Earth… their future in a world becoming more and more digital ?


With Juliette Duquesne, independent journalist

Animated by Christian Gautellier, Festival's director

The covid-19 crisis has considerably increased the digitalisation of our world and our relationships. Digital technology has invaded many new aspects of our professional and personal life, our leisure and cultural activities, our democratic functioning… Digital technology must also be a topic discussed within the framework of debates on the future of our planet. Digital technology is the victim of many pre-conceived ideas. It is far from being immaterial. It is responsible for at least 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, let alone the huge use of water and metal substances necessary for their production. The use of artificial intelligence programs is growing. We consequently need to apprehend the human dimension of digital technology : what opportunities but also what risks do they represent for human beings ? What are the limits of such programs ? Do they represent a solution for our current environmental problems or are they, on the contrary, an additional source of pollution ? This dual outlook, both human and environmental, must lead us to think and act for the development of a less invasive digital technology which is more sober, freer, more convivial and less mercantile. Solutions exist, some of which have already been experimented by civil society ; it is this aspect which the conference also wishes to discuss.