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These meetings are organised by the Ceméa of Normandy, the CRIJ of Normandy, the Department of Social Cohesion of Eure. This year, the theme was « My town, my village, in all its forms ». The various constraints brought by 2020 triggered the will and need of getting back together locally with its neigbours, village, town, as well as creating social links and reinforcing knowledge sharing. Some people used this opportunity to rediscover their neighbourhood, the towncenter, a park, some pathways, a river… Others got closer to their neighbours, their elders… and rediscovered their elected representatives, their merchants... » The call for projects consisted in directing a short film (documentary or fiction, of less than 5 mins long). Once made by the youth, the short films are screened in the movie theatre so that they can share their creative experiences. Like every year, several educational workshops on images will be set up in the cinema (see page XX) in which the young film directors and actors will be able to participate after the presentation of their film.