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For several years, the Ceméa have been leading a project, before the International Education Film Festival, aimed at teenagers, « The cinema workshop ». This approach offers the youth enrolled in associative structures and schools to question themes relating to society and the latest news, which is the starting point of the project consisting in the directing of short films they will then show to an audience during the session « Youth production forum and cinema workshops » on Saturday morning.

During an educational stay and under the form of various workshops in youth establishments, the conditions are gathered to faciliate the young participants’ audiovisual creation, from the appropriation of a particular topic, to the act of writing an directing. This year, the cinema workshop took place in July in Burgundy and in October in three social centres in Evreux.

The facilitators (BNDB productions Amiens), through their professional experience of cinema, accompanied the youth in their project’s conception and directing ; through games of image-reading, film analysis, script writing and the creation of a story-board, filming, pre-editing… The directing approach is progressive, it offers the necessary skills for each step, using various pedagogical resources coming from the Ceméa’s Media Sector (D-clics numériques-vidéo) and from the International Education Film Festival (films and films’ support leaflets).

The cinema workshop belongs to a more global project of education to the media and information, taking in consideration the youth’s mediatic practices, their use and cultural references regarding images… and therefore, their relation to social networks and other movie platforms where they are extremely present. The cinema workshop is a rich experience for every participant, from an experience of direct reception of images within smartphones or cinema screens, or an experience in production / immediate and individual braodcast, to an experience of a built, collectively shared, production.

The films directed throughout the cinema workshops are screened during the Youth production Forum on Saturday morning, as well as other individual works produced in an educational context by or with young people.

In the programme !

-    Three films directed throughout the Cinema workshop in the Ceméa of Burgundy.

-    Three films directed throughout the Cinema workshop in the Ceméa of Eure.

-    A web-tv show : le Repère, a direction led by the Confederation of the Youth and Cultural Centre (MJC).

-    Reporters Normandie jeunes : youth productions made within the facility offered by the region of Normandy, led by the association Culture et Nature.

-    News story : « Les p’tits slips à Mayotte », within the Association Foyer Duquesne from Dieppe.

-    The Youth and the Coronavirus, directed within an association in Berlin.

-    The film « The power of saying no », directed by teenagers for the « Segpa Festival ».

-    « Image and self esteem », directed within the Association COB of Normandy.

-    A web-tv show « Pollen », directed within the Parcours Regard from the Region of Normandy.