Tamer, a Palestinian student, does not meddle in politics; at the same time, the memory of his uncle, an activist
physically shattered by imprisonment, weighs heavily on his mind. As soon as he appears, he is attracted by a new
classmate, the beautiful, spontaneous and politically committed Maysaa’ ; to impress him, Tamer takes his buddies in
the “Operation: Flag” of Maysaa. This act of resistance aims to replace the Israeli school flag with the Palestinian flag
on Israeli Independence Day, which is a day of mourning for the Palestinians when they commemorate the “Nakba” -
the disaster. Under the influence of Mayssa’, Tamer’s political consciousness awakens and he decides to participate
in his very first demonstration.
The director Firas Khoury films with conviction and drive their transition to adulthood in a form of politicization and
taking the position of citizens in becoming facing a state mechanism (colonizer) aimed at forgetting history, or worse
to change it through education.

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