On may 28th, 2019, over 65% of the world‘s population suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the face of earth. Only adults.


The Disparition series is the result of a collaborative workshop of artistic practice whose goal was to create a fantastic series by five institutions from Normandy, technical school and high schools covering the four corners of the region: Cherbourg, Caen, Mont Saint-Aignan, Petit Quevilly and Le Havre. The project was designed and coordinated by Normandie Image and supported by the region of Normandy as part of Parcours Regards (project coordinated by Ceméa Normandie) The series was produced during the school year 20182019 by high school students, each episode has been supported by a different institution. The goal was to give an artistic framework to the students allowing them to write, film, act, and offer them the opportunity to work with other high schools from their respective areas. The directors involved, Arthur Shelton and Anthony Gandais, worked with 5 institutions: writing, preparing, filming and editing.