"Reenchanting school" highlights positive initiatives within the public school system. Shot in two 5th grade classes in Creil, Oise, the film tells the story of passionate teachers who reinvent school every day to make it more equal. With more than 200 other classes in France and around the world, the pupils take part in the "Savanturiers" programme, an innovative pedagogy that puts science at the heart of learning. Then school is a place where everything is possible. Through research projects, pupils, from difficult neighbourhoods, reveal themselves as never before. This is particularly the case for Noé, Mohamed, Fara and Taslim. One thing is certain, they all gain in autonomy and confidence. Through these projects, teachers and parents are building together a better future for these children. The director takes a sensitive look at these everyday heroes who make this happy bet, that of transmitting to the children the pleasure of learning.