A wolf cub as boastful as it is endearing, decides one fine day that it is big enough to hunt on its own. He goes in search of his first preys, which is either too big for him or... more smart. A funny narrative that shows that sometimes, it is better to let a child learn by itself even if it ends in a few mishaps.


Direction, scenario : Arnaud Demuynck Artistic direction, graphic design, editing : Pierre Mousquet Animation : Pierre Mousquet, Marc-Antoine Deleplanque, Hubert Seynave, Lora D’Addazio, Laure Escadafals Music : Alexandre Morier • Voix : Arthur Ponsot, Alexandre Von Sivers, Arnaud Demuynck, Philippe Fontaine, Thierry de Coster Sound editing : Philippe Fontaine • Bruitages : Céline Bernard Mixing : Nils Fauth