Iran, today. Heshmat is a perfect husband and father, but no one knows where he goes every morning. Pouya, young draftee, cannot bring himself to kill a man, as he has been ordered to do. Javad, come to ask for his beloved’s hand, suddenly finds himself trapped in a cruel dilemma. Bharam, a physician barred from practicing medicine, has finally decided to tell his niece the secret behind his whole life. Those four stories are inextricably linked. In a despotic regime where the death penalty still exists, men and women fight to assert their freedom.



Brûlot politique contre la peine de mort, il surprend au sein du corpus du cinéma iranien qui, traditionnellement imbriqué dans les profondeurs de sa société multiforme, ne nous avait pas habitué à tâtonner une forme plus radicale d’activisme. À découvrir absolument donc ! Lire la suite...


Bruno Boez
Membre du comité de sélection longs métrages du FIFE