It’s the story of two lost kids whose only landmark in life is the violence of their father, with whom they live alone in a slum. Until the two-spirited teenager (Canadian terminology: a person affiliated with an Aboriginal nation in North America with a female and a male spirit) stumbles upon the evidence that his Mi’kmaq mother did not die, contrary to what his father may have told him. He then decides to run away with his half-brother to find his mother. On their way, they meet Pasmay, a young Mi’kmaq who travels from pow-wow to pow-wow to dance for a few dollars. And by a combination of circumstances, he became their companion on this initiatory journey where he claimed his Mi’kmaq heritage. Capturing road movie in natural and bucolic settings in Eastern Canada, Wildhood is an initiatory journey, both sensory and musical, that highlights the richness of Indigenous heritage and the difficult rehabilitation and transmission of Mi’kmaq language and culture.

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