Inhabitants of Evreux, of its conurbation, of the département of Eure and the Normandie Region, and beyong of all the territories of the mainland and overseas, and even of the whole world…, young publics, parents and families, actors of education, professionals or volunteers working with children, youths or in the social field, passionately fond of culture and cinema…, each one of you will find in this new edition films that will captivate you. New features : we increased the programme on Tuesday, December 4 all day long and the toddlers from leisure centers will launch the festival on Wednesday November 28 during a special screening. Like every year, the team in charge of the festival had wished to open the programme and our emotions to far away horizons and world culture. At the European level, we have selected strong stories coming from no less that 23 countries. First, from our closest friends (Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, The Nederlands, The United Kingdom, Ireland). But also from the Scandinavian Europe (Norway, Denmark, Sweden), from central and eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, the Czech republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Russia) and from the Balkans (Greece). We have been carried away by very beautiful stories coming from Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Argentina or Burkina Faso. We particularly recommend Wardi (Mats Grorud) for the youngest and, for the closing session, the rebellious and energizing Amal (Mohamed Siam)… The International Education film Festival will pay homage to the Dutch great master of documentaries Johan Van der Keuken, but also to the cultural diversity of Brazil(s). We will travel as far as South America with Hunting Season (Natalia Garagolia, Argentina) and El Motoarrebatador (Agustin Toscano). Finally, this year’s festival offers a journey back in time (1936 - 1961) around the Baltic Sea, and confirms its partnership with the Jean Renoir Prize of Lycée pupils with the screening of the winning film Bloody Milk. The festival, as the previous years, will also offer a space for debates and encounters with the directors after the films and in particular a conference and two round tables on three hot topics (New forms of parenthood and families ; Prevent sexism and bullying at school ; Education, Young Children and Insecurity). Numerous opportunities are devoted to young people which will enable them to experience the festival as active spectators : ways to become young critics of cinema, editorial committees of bloggers and web-journalists, two workshops on the cinema, the Rencontres of the festival Jeunes en Images in Normandie… Cinema, carrier of stories of life, at the crossroads of emotions and openness to others, gives you an appointment, in these first days of December. Let yourself invited… 69 films screened from 34 countries… It is up to you now, as spectators, to choose films during these five days of festival. Looking forward to these moments of shared encounters…

Download the programm of 2018

Christian Gautellier Director of the festival


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