The whole Festival's team is thrilled to present to you the 36 short and medium-length films programmed in competetion for this 17th edition, selected among hundreds of films by our different selection committees.

Before we can share the detailed screening program, screenings which will take place between November 30rd and December 4th, 2021, here's the list of films you'll be able to discover then:

2019, directed by Julia Boutteville (France, 4 mins)
407 jours, directed by Eléonore Coyette (Haïti-Belgium, 7 mins)
Après les murs, directed by Fany Vidal (France, 52 mins)
Camille et moi, directed by Marie Cogné (France, 18 mins)
Cœur vaillant, directed by Nastasja Caneve (Belgium, 4 mins)
Come Il Bianco, directed by Alessandra Celesia (Belgium, 19 mins)
Confinés dehors, directed by Julien Goudichaud (France, 24 mins)
Don't hesitate to come for a visit, Mom, directed by Anna Artemyeva (Hungary-Portugal-Belgium-Russia, 12 mins)
En vie ! Patients-élèves, directed by Réjane Varrod (France, 52 mins)
Et si on s'en foutait, directed by Johanna Lagarde (France, 12 mins)

Folie douce, folie dure, directed by Marine Laclotte (France, 18 mins)
For tomorrow paradise arrives, directed by Anna Hints (Estonia, 28 mins)
Les garçons bleus : 12 portraits, directed by Francisco Bianchi (France, 3 mins)
Hei Gunesh! directed by Marita Tevzadze and Jegnaradze Ana (Georgia, 22 mins)
Hurler sur les murs, directed by Geoffrey Couët (France, 31 mins)
I'm not telling you anything, just saying, directed by Sanja Milardović (Croatia, 18 mins)
I, Julia, directed by Arvin Kananian (Suède, 14 mins)
Les identités de Mona Ozouf, directed by Catherine Bernstein (France, 52 mins)
Like a virgin, directed by Feriel Ben Mahmoud (France, 52 mins)
Le monde en soi, directed by Sandrine Stoïanov et Jean-Charles Finck (France, 18 mins)

My name is Sami, directed by Daniela Lucato (Germany, 4 mins)
My Quarantine Bear, directed byWeijia Ma (China-France, 35 mins)
Naître d'une autre, directed by Cathie Dambel (Belgium, 65 mins)
La portée des notes, directed by Olivier Pekmézian et Olivier Roncin (France, 52 mins)
Postpartum, directed by Henriette Rietz (Germany, 4 mins)
Présente absence, directed by Andrea Lejault (France, 25 mins)
Quand on n'a que l'enfance, directed by Alain Bertrand (Belgium, 52 mins)
Seahorse, directed by Nele Dehnenkamp (Germany, 16 mins)
Le sens de l'orientation, directed by Valérie Denesle (France, 52 mins)
Shift, directed by Pauline Beugnies (Belgium, 61 mins)

Le silencieux rivage, directed by Timothée Corteggiani et Nathalie Giraud (France, 36 mins)
Son of Fukushima, directed by Beth Balawick et Beth Murphy (USA-France, 55 mins)
Trumpets in the sky, directed by Rakan Mayasi (Liban-Belgium-France-Palestine, 15 mins)
Vilain Garçon, directed by François Zabaleta (France, 48 mins)
We have one heart, directed by Katarzyna Warzecha (Poland, 10 mins)
What is a woman? directed by Marin Håskjold (Norway, 15 mins)




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