The team of the Festival is thrilled to present to you the 17th edition's Young Audience program, which will be screened from November 30th to December 4th, 2021 at the Pathé Cinema, in Evreux (Normandy)!

After last June's special edition, we look forward to meeting the school and leisures' centres' audience again and showing them the 32 short-lenght films selected by the committee, over more than 100 films watched along the year.

See you in December for the following unique screenings driven by the Ceméa!

Primary School screening (5/7 yo)

You look scary, directed by Xiya Lan (United-States, 4 mins)
Messages in a bottle, directed by Célia Tocco (France-Belgium, 11 mins)
Kiko and the animals, directed by Yawen Zheng (France-Switzerland, 7 mins)
Not afraid!, directed by Virginie Costa (France, 4 mins)
Kiki the feather, directed by Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin (France, 6 mins)
Three Fools, directed by Peter Hausner & Snobar Avani (Denmark, 7 mins)

Primary School screening (8/11 yo)

The princess and the bandit, directed by Mariya Sosnina & Mikhail Aldashin (Russia, 3 mins)
A little rock in the shoe, directed by Eric Monchaud (France-Switzerland, 11 mins)
Drops, directed by Sarah Joy Jungen (Denmark, 5 mins)
Appletreeman, directed by Alla Vartanyan (Russia, 10 mins)
The tiger and its master, directed by Fabrice Luang-Vija (France-Switzerland, 9 mins)
Tobi and the turtobus, directed by Verena Fels (Germany, 7 mins)

Leisure centres' screening (5/7 yo)

A baaaaaa (Major) symphony, directed by Hadrien Vezinet (France, 4 mins)
Choum's Odyssey, directed by Julien Bisaro (France, 25 mins)
Blanket, directed by Marina Moshkova (Russia, 5 mins)
Belly Flop, directed by Kelly Dillon & Jeremy Collins (South Africa, 5 mins)

Leisure centres' screening (8/11 yo)

The sleeping prince, directed by Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin (France, 5 mins)
Souvenir, directed by Cristina Vilches Estella & Paloma Canonica (Spain, 14 mins)
Lila, directed by Carlos Lascano (Italy, 9 mins)
The peculiar crime of oddball Mr Jay (Portugal, 10 mins)
In Nature, directed by Marcel Barelli (France, 5 mins)

Middle-school screening (11/12 yo)

French Roast, directed by Fabrice Joubert (France, 8 mins)
Bach-Hông, directed by Elsa Duhamel (France, 18 mins)
Your French is perfect, directed by Julie Daravan Chea (France, 4 mins)
The Departure, directed by Said Hamich (France, 25 mins)
Mall, directed by Jerry Hoffman (Germany, 7 mins)

Middle-school screening (13/14 yo)

Break, directed by Levente Kölcsey (Hungary, 12 mins)
Ali's Circle, directed by Antoine Beauvois-Boetti (France, 15 mins)
One day, directed by Annalisa Vozza (Colombia, 18 mins)
The angel fish's song, directed  by Louison Wary (France, 6 mins)
Feeling Through, directed by Doug Roland (United-States, 18 mins)
Toni with an I, directed by Marco Alessi (Royaume-Uni, 12 mins)


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