From June 22nd to June 25th, the special “out of lockdown” edition of the Festival took place at the movie theatre Pathé in Evreux and screened a part of the 2020 programme.

The entire Young Audience programme could finally be presented to kindergarden and primary school pupils as well as children and teenagers from Evreux and departemental leisure and social centres. It represented a dozen screenings scheduled on 4 days, organised and led by motivated volunteers coming from the Elbeuf Youth Cultural and Social Center and workers from Cemea Normandie.

In order to make the pleasure last, the screenings open to all that took place in the afternoons and evenings allowed the audience to discover first hand unreleased films in Evreux. Two documentaries, #So vai and #Once you know, presented by the films' crews, made the audience discuss gender and racial issues in sport, interculturality and ecology.

Two beautiful features, Kuessipan and Rosa’s wedding moved us and made us laugh, before ending this special edition which gathered around 1700 people!

What a thrill to discover the films on a big screen and exchange ideas with the audience! Back to the images on these gatherings and beautiful times of sharing…

Well done to the whole team, from the animation to the technique, and a great thank you to all our guests and partners. See you from November 30th to December 4th 2021 for the 17th edition!

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